"Ignorance on Wednesday"

by Scott Trimble, Daily Californian, 4 March 1997

This is in response to Jeff Coates' complaints against Laura Lambert's "Sex on Tuesday" column ("Daily Cal Peddles Smut," Feb. 27). I think that it is unfortunate that so many people are so closed-minded about anything of a sexual nature, not just across America, but even right here at UC Berkeley. As a health worker at Unit 1, I have been posting a series of Health Tips around my building about sexual health — condoms and other safer sex methods, sexually transmitted diseases, relationships, sexuality, etc. Though I have received support from many residents and staff, at the same time there are those who are irrationally ripping them off the bulletin boards. Each week I receive so much flak from people who are so bothered by the fact that one topic discussed orgasms, or another one had an educational picture of somebody putting on a condom.

In 1995 alone, there were 42,506 deaths from AIDS across this country. Millions more are suffering from other STDs, dealing with unwanted pregnancies, surviving sexual assaults, stuck in abusive relationships, or are just in confusion about the way their own body works. We need education in sexuality to combat these epidemics. We need to be able to discuss these things in an open setting, free of the hindrances of taboo, stigma, and cultural upbringing. Information from my Health Tips or Laura Lambert's column serve the dual purpose of teaching and bringing the topic to light, so people will further discuss the issues. I was glad when I first saw Lambert's column appear, and I hope that the Daily Cal will continue to support her. What good will ignorance ever do us?

Scott Trimble,
Health Worker / Freeborn Hall

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