The SUGGS / SUGG Ancestry

The SUGGS / SUGG Ancestry
by Scott T.S. Trimble
written 27 Jun 1995 for the Internet
edited to protect privacies 29 March 1999

William SUGGE was born abt 1635 in Bristol, England. The name of his wife is so far unknown, but he had at least three sons: William SUGG Jr., George SUGG, and Joseph SUGG. It is possible that the children were also born in Bristol, but many histories say that they were originally from Norfolk County, Virginia.

William SUGGE's first appearance in American colonial records was on 20 Mar 1663 when he "[stood] firmly bound to John BROWN, Isle of Wight County of Virginia, for 58 pounds, 16 shillings of lawful money of England." This record could be either for indentured servitude, sponsorship to America, or a marriage bond. If it was sponsorship to America, then it is most likely that John BROWN was related somehow -- perhaps a half-brother or a cousin. If it was a marriage bond (and some histories say that William was married in 1663) then William's wife could have been a daughter of John BROWN.

On 23 Apr 1672 William SUGGE made some kind of agreement with John BROWN, Isle of Wight County, VA, for 29 pounds 8 shillings. On 24 May 1673 he was a Virginia planter indebted to William BODY (BODDIE) for 2704 pounds of good tobacco and cost to be paid, in the Isle of Wight County, VA (from Deed Book 2, page 276, Isle of Wight County, VA). On 24 May 1674 William SUGG sold land to Willaim BODDIE (from deed book 2, page 343, Isle of Wight County, VA).

William SUGG Jr. married twice -- Ruth FENFORD (daughter of Thomas FENFORD and Sarah) and Mary (or Margaret). He had six children: William Jr., Thomas, Joseph, Moses, Margaret, and Sarah. Joseph SUGG, another son of William SUGGE, also married and had children.

The other son of William SUGGE was George SUGG. George was born abt 1665 and in abt 1690 he married Sarah IVES, daughter of Timothy IVES (son of Timothy IVES Sr. and Margaret) and Elizabeth HURLEY (daughter of Joseph HURLEY). They had children: Thomas, Margaret, Priscilla, Sarah, George, Aquilla, and Mary SUGG.

!WILL: George SUGG's will appears in "Norfolk County Wills 1710-1753", by Charles Fleming McINTOSH. The will is from Book 12, page 77. It was dated 2 Sep 1734 and proved 21 Feb 1734, "by all the witnesses & Acquilla SUGGS one of the Ex/rs... other... refused... unto my Son Thomas Seventy Acres of Land be in more or less bounding as follows to Witt begining at a marked Oak Standing by the Line that bounds the s/d Land... If my Said Son Dies without Heirs of his Body imediately after the decease of Said Son, the said Land shall return to my son Acquille... to my son Acquille y/e Plantation y/t Plantation w/ch my said Son liveth on w/th the remaining part of the Land adjoyning thereto w/ch I parchass'd of Tho/s DANIS (sp?) deced to him being Seventy acres of the said Land, be It more or less... if my Said Son Dies without Heirs the said Land returns to my Son Tho/s SUGG... unto my Son George, the Plantation and land w/ch I purchased of Thomas CUTHRALL fifty Acres thtat I Patented adjoyning thereto... If my Said Son Die without Heirs the said Land and Plantation return to my said Sons Tho/s and Acquilla being Equally Divided between them... to my Daughter Presilla (sp?) MAUND my Water Mill w/th Ten Acres of Land & the Houses and Tenements belonging thereto... if my said daughter Dies without Heirs the said Water Mill and Land and Houses and Tenement belonging thereto to Descend to my youngest Daughter Mary SUGGS... to my Daughter Sarah Wallace my Negro Wench named Jenny... to my Daughter Mary SUGG my Negro... comes to the age of Sixteen... to my Daughter Preccilla MAUND, a Feather Bed... after the death of my Wife... to my Grand Daughter Ann BEAK (sp?) and Margaret BEAKE, Rachel MERCER and Margaret MERCER ten Shill/s Eeach in Country productions... to my Dear and loving Wife Sarah for the Suport of her Self and the bringing up of her younger Children... appoint my two Sons Tho/s SUGG and Acquilla SUGG my whole and Sole Ex/rs... Witnesses: Jn/o HANBURY, Ruth HANBURY, and Tho/s CATTON."

There is still much confusion over the marriages of George's children as many of the names were used over and over. For example, over the next couple of hundred years there would be at least 10 Aquilla SUGGs and over 40 William SUGGs!

It seems that Margaret SUGG married Benjamin BECK (son of Jeremiah BECK and Ann MORROW) and John MERCER. Priscilla SUGG married William MAUND Jr. (son of William MAUND and Esther TUCKER), Thomas CATTON, Jacob ALLEN, and Mr. JOHNSTON (more about Priscilla later). Sarah SUGG married Caleb WALLACE. George SUGG Jr. married Judith TYSON. And Aquilla SUGG married Elizabeth MAUND (sister of William MAUND Jr.), Elizabeth BATTLES, and Abigail BONNER. Mary SUGG might not have ever married.

Thomas SUGG was said to have married Francis GRANDBURY and an Elizabeth MAUND, but I have seen no evidence on this. He did probably marry Sarah ELDRIDGE, daughter of William ELDRIDGE. I don't know too much yet about the ELDRIDGEs, although there was a Thomas ELDRIDGE who might have been a brother of Sarah. His wife was descended from Pocahontas. The following chart shows the ancestry of Thomas' daughter Martha. I don't know if this Thomas was actually related to Sarah, but family legend among the descendents of William SUGG Jr. claim there's a connection:

                   /--William ELDRIDGE ??
                /--Thomas ELDRIDGE (d. 1754)
              Martha ELDRIDGE (1733-1768)  m. John HARRIS (1710-1771)
                |      /--Col. Robert BOLLING  m. 1675
                |  /--Major John BOLLING (1676-1749)  m. 1697
                |  |  |     /--John ROLFE, Colony of VA  m. 1613
                |  |  |  /--Thomas ROLFE (b. 1614)
                |  |  |  |  \--Pocahontas (1595-1617)
                |  |  \--Jane ROLFE (d. 1678)
                |  |     \--Jane POYTHRESS
                \--Martha BOLLING
                   \--Mary KENNON ?
It seems that Thomas SUGG might have moved on to Duplin County, North Carolina. His children were William (m. Sarah MATHIAS), Keziah (m. William McGEE), George (m. Sarah), Thomas (many old family histories / genealogies have said that Thomas' middle name was Eldridge, his mother's maiden name, although I have not seen any real documentation of this), Sarah (m. Thomas ATTMORE), Elizabeth (m. Joseph RHEM), and Aquilla SUGG (m. Lucy READING and Elizabeth STAFFORD).

Thomas SUGG Jr. married Mary HARBARD, daughter of John HARBERT III and Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY:

                   /--John HARBERT Jr.
                /--John HARBERT III
                |  \--Hannah Horne LLEWELLYN
              Mary HARBARD
                |     /--Captain Thomas WILLOUGHBY
                |  /--Thomas WILLOUGHBY
                |  |  \--Mary BENNETT
                \--Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY
I hope to have more information on this line soon. John HARBERT III and Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY were supposed to have been half 1st cousins, so I'd like to find that relationship.

Thomas SUGG and Mary HARBARD moved west to Anson County, North Carolina. They had children Rasha (or Richard), Thomas, George, Harbard, William, Hannah, Ann, (female), and Horatio SUGG.

On 30 Jan 1761 Thomas SUGG and wife Mary sold to Thomas RANDOLPH, 100 acres on each side of the Little River, Anson County, NC, for 11 pounds proc., originally patented to Thomas SUGG on 1 Jul 1758. Signed by Thomas SUGG, Joseph ATTAWAY, and Thomas FRANKLIN (from "Abstracts of Deeds of Anson County, NC" and "Anson County, NC, Abstracts of Wills and Estates 1749-1795").

On 2 Feb 1761 Thomas SUGG of Anson Co., planter, and wife Mary to George SUGG of same, sells... 100 acres which was granted to Thomas SUGG on 1 Jul 1758.... Signed by Thomas SUGG, Mary SUGG. Witnessed by Jno. JETFREY, Thomas FRANKLIN, Jane (James) ATTAWAY (from "Anson County, NC, Abstracts of Wills and Estates 1749-1795", page 63 or 95).

On 2 Feb 1761 Thomas SUGG and wife Mary sold land to Thomas FRANKLIN. Witnessed by John STEPHENS, Jas. ATTAWAY, and John SIMMONS (from "Abstracts...", page 64 or 104).

"On April 23, 1763 a patent was issued to Thomas SUGG with Rasha SUGG and James ATTAWAY as witnesses." (from Listen to the Bell, by Mary Richeson INGRAM, Brock Printing, Texas, 1979). Also, on page 105 of "Abstracts..." Thomas SUGG, etc., sold land to William SPENSER. Witnessed by Rosha SUGG, etc.

Rasha SUGG married and had at least two sons and two daughters, names unknown. Thomas SUGG married Martha NELSON and had children Harbard, John Henry, Jesse, William SUGG, and possibly more. George SUGG married Sarah / Saray and had at least Thomas SUGG (m. Terah SPENCER) and George SUGG (m. Mary Katherine SANDERS, Sarah WARD, and Nancy HORSELY). Hannah SUGG married William SPENCER and, besides other children, had daughter Terah SPENCER who married Thomas SUGG Jr. So far the families of the other children and of these children are unknown or incomplete.

Isaac SUGGS Sr. was born in 1813. He had a brother named Elijah and their mother was Sarah. The father is currently unknown, but I hope to discover who he was pretty soon. Isaac married bef 1832 to Jane, maiden name unknown. They had the following children:

    Wiley SUGGS  (1832 - 1862)
       m. Christian SIMMONS, d/o Pleasant SIMMONS & Christian LEACH
    Mary SUGGS  (1833 - aft 1850)
    Nancy SUGGS  (1835 - aft 1880)
       m. James Alexander LASSITER
    Thomas SUGGS  (1837 - 1900/1910)
       m. Elizabeth Annie ALLEN, d/o James Goodman ALLEN & Jane SAUNDERS
    Caroline SUGGS  (1840 - 1920)
       m. William ATKINS, s/o Thomas ATKINS & Sallie PARKER
    Nathaniel S. SUGGS  (1842 - 1861)
    Isaac SUGGS Jr.  (8 Feb 1844 - 1896)
       m. Martha M. ALLEN, d/o Hiram ALLEN & Lucy BUTLER
    Jane SUGGS  (1848 - aft 1866)
       m. Edmund HURLEY
    William E. SUGGS  (abt 1849 - 1894)
       m. Mary A. HURLEY, d/o Wade HURLEY & Peggy
    David SUGGS  (1851 - aft 1870)
    Jesse SUGGS  (1853 - aft 1910)
       m. Annetta Jane REYNOLDS, d/o Jacob REYNOLDS & Margaret
Isaac SUGGS Jr.'s wife was Martha M. ALLEN. Martha was born 29 Mar 1849, the daughter of Hiram ALLEN and Lucy BUTLER. Hiram (b. 1817) and Lucy (b. 1818) also had children Harriet Newell ALLEN (m. Armstead MOORE, s/o Thomas MOORE), Mary J. ALLEN (m. Atlas MOORE, brother of Armstead), Daniel B., Nancy A., and John A. ALLEN.

In September 1859 Hiram ALLEN sold all his land and property to his brother David ALLEN and his brother-in-law Martin HUNSUCKER. Some of the items sold were "2 horses, 13 head of cattle, 32 head of hogs, 175 bushels of wheat, 140 bushels of corn, buggy, wagon, smith tools, one lot of 5000 shingles, 19 bee gums, 300 lbs of leaf tobacco, 2 cupboards, one bureau, one falling leaf table, and one lot of new flax." (from "The Heritage of Montgomery County, NC, 1981", excerpt by Helen M. FIELDS). I have not yet discovered where Hiram and Lucy ALLEN moved to. His two oldest daughters stayed in Montgomery County, but apparently the other children went with him. Martha ALLEN married Isaac SUGGS on 15 Aug 1867 in Orange County, NC, but so far I see no evidence that Hiram ALLEN was also in Orange County. Shortly after the birth of their eldest child Walter Graham SUGGS, Isaac and Martha moved to Holly Springs, Marshall, MS, but there is no evidence that Hiram went their either.

Hiram ALLEN was the son of John ALLEN and Charity HOLLAND. John and Charity also had children Daniel (m. Sarah CALDWELL), Lockey (m. Elizabeth), Lydia (m. Martin HUNSUCKER), David (m. Mary LEACH), Elizabeth, Deborah (m. Angus Blue LEACH, s/o Alexander LEACH), Louisa, and John Skinner ALLEN. John ALLEN was born 1789 and Charity was born 1794. John's father might have been a Reuben ALLEN who was between 70-80 in the 1840 census and lived very close to John.

No proof yet, but John was probably descended from Priscilla SUGG, daughter of George SUGG and Sarah IVES, based on names, places, and the fact that these families often migrated together. Priscilla, born abt 1697/1700, married first to William MAUND by whom she had one child William MAUND. William married a Mary and had children Hardy, Lott (m. Mary WRIGHT), Nancy (m. DRAKE), Rebekah (m. KILLEBREW), and Polly MAUND. Some genealogies say that Priscilla was married to Thomas CATTON, but I haven't seen documentation of this. I do know that she was married next to Jacob ALLEN by whom she had at three or four children: Merryman, Charles, and Gabriel C. ALLEN (m. Annie McKINNEY). The fourth was a daughter Mary, who might possibly instead have had the maiden name MAUND or even CATTON. She eventually married Richard WILLIAMS. Priscilla's last marriage before her death was to a Mr. JOHNSTON, though his first name is unknown. There was a Charles ALLEN in early Montgomery / Anson Counties who might have been the same as the son of Jacob. Since there was also a Gabriel ALLEN a generation later, it is possible there is some kind of connection. Reuben ALLEN might have been a son of this Charles.

Now, back to Lucy BUTLER. In the 1840 census Hiram ALLEN and his wife were living just two houses away from William BUTLER Sr., who was the right age to be Lucy's father. I might assume that he the father was since people usually married neighbors due to great distances between plantations. William was 66 years old in 1850, making him about the right age to have been the William BUTLER (b. 25 Jul 1782) who was the son of Joshua BUTLER and Sarah GREENE. Joshua, a revolutionary patriot who furnished guns for militias, died in Montgomery County in 1829. He and his wife also had children David, Catherine, Elizabeth (m. William SUGG, s/o Thomas SUGG and Terah SPENCER), and Louisa BUTLER.

(This is an unknown picture of a SUGGS that has been handed down in the family. It was probably Walter Graham SUGGS Sr., but I do not yet know for sure). As before mentioned, the oldest son of Isaac SUGGS and Martha M. ALLEN was Walter Graham SUGGS, born 1 Jun 1868 in Hillsboro, Orange, NC. The family moved to Marshall County, Mississippi, where the next three children were born: William Chesterfield SUGGS (m. Mary Helen COURTWRIGHT, Marie ALLEN, and Ellen May "Nellie" SMITH), Isaac Van Lee SUGGS (m. Lillian Mae RICHARDSON), and Mary L. "Mamie" SUGGS (m. Claude BRYANT). The last three children were born in Santa Clara County, California: Charles Franklin (m. Alma Woodbridge BEAL), George Samuel (m. Margaret), and Lucy J. SUGGS. Sometime after Isaac SUGGS' death in 1896 his widow Martha married a man named BRYANT, possibly related to her son-in-law.

(The first picture is a digitization of the original picture of Walter Graham SUGGS Sr. and Sarah Edna McDONALD on their wedding day in 1906. The second is of a 1994 restoration.)

Walter Graham SUGGS worked as a rancher, miner, carpenter, cannery worker, and was, in general, a "jack-of-all-trades". In the early 1900s he was mining for gold in Utah and in 1906 he married Sarah Edna McDONALD (also known as "Edna FULLRIDE", her middle name that she usually went by and the name of her step-father). She was born 13 Nov 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, UT, the daughter of William Angus McDONALD and Sarah Emily CLARK. Her ancestry looks like this:

                /--William Angus McDONALD
              Sarah Edna McDONALD
                |        /--Jonathan CLARK
                |     /--Joseph C. CLARK
                |     |  \--Polly Susan
                |  /--Orrin Smith CLARK
                |  |  |  /--Ezra Joneth CARPENTER
                |  |  \--Phylinda CARPENTER
                |  |     |  /--John BUTTON ?
                |  |     \--Polly BUTTON
                \--Sarah Emily CLARK
                   |  /--John GILSON
                   \--Sarah Elizabeth GILSON
                      |  /--Harrold CONKLIN
                      \--Sarah Susannah CONKLIN

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