The CASE Family Bible

by Scott T.S. Trimble
originally prepared for America Online 27 Apr 1994
revised and updated for The Marin Kin Tracer 10 Sep 1994
updated for the Internet 18 Mar 1996
updated again on 17 Apr 1998

The Holy Bible --- Parallel New Testament, A.J. Holman & Co., Philadelphia, 1887.

Inscription on the Inside of the Front Cover: "A Christmas Present to Mrs. M.F. Case by Marion Case Dec. 25, 1888."

This family bible has been passed down from my great-great-grandfather Marion Fletcher CASE and his second wife Minnie Frances WINSELL. In the middle of the book are several pages with birth, marriage, and death information. Some of the original entries were added to or modified by my grandmother, Frances Lydia CASTELHUN, many years back. The original text will appear below in boldfaced writing, while Frances' comments will be in normal, lighter text. The entries below are exactly as they appear in the bible, even though some of that information has since been proved false.


Marion Wallace Case, Son of Marion + Harriet M. Case, born Aug. 17, 1875.

Lillie Roene Case, Daughter of Marion + Harriet M. Case; born Oct. 17, 1877. Married William Erskine Duncan Jr. died July 17, 1950. Children: 1. Mildred Duncan 2. Charles William Erskine Duncan 3. Robert William Erskine Duncan. Step-Daughters: Alta Duncan Henzy & Marion Duncan Heathorn.

Minnie Elizabeth Case, Daughter of Marion + Harriet M. Case; born Oct. 4, 1879. Married Peter Bentley Sept. 1897. Had son Marion Fletcher Bentley; born June 29, 1898, d. Oct. 21, 1918. Married Paul Castelhun, M.D. March 11, 1908.* Frances Lydia Castelhun, b. Oct. 25, 1911. M. Elizabeth Castelhun died April 4, 1936. * married in Sacramento, Calif. Arthur L. Case, witness. [unreadable], witness.

Arthur Nemiah (later changed to Llewellyn) Case, Son of Marion + Harriet M. Case; born June 20, 1888. m. Maymie Coup c.1910 son Arthur Llewellyn Case Jr. born Jan 1, 1923(?) Sacramento, Calif. died 1938(?)

Byron Winsell Case, Son of Marion + Minnie F. Case; born July 2, 1889. Married Chrystal Leithold of Woodland, Calif. c.1917. married in Winters, Calif, I believe. Chrystal died 1951; Byron died 1964.

Marion Case, born September 10, 1854. in San Bernardino, Calif. Died Jan. 21, 1919.

Minnie F. Case, born Nov. 5, 1862. in Shasta County. died 1945.


Who was Elizabeth Wilshire, Born England, died or born Nov. 1, 1814, died age 60, ?

Married Sept. 20, 1874 Marion Case to Harriet M. Simonds. (Simmonds) probably in Los Angeles)

Married June 10, 1888, Marion Case to Minnie F. Winsell. in Los Angeles


Gasham C. = son of James Case

G.C. Case, Died Oct. 20, 1885, age 70 years 7 mo. 4 days. My father's death. --Marion Case. Gasham

Susan M. Case --- died Feb. 11, 1898, age 81 yrs. 9 mos. (ne้ Susan M. Cullener (Cullner?) Fitchett). born in Maryland. daughter of the governor of Maryland?

Harriet Maria Simmonds Case, Died Jan. 29, 1888 1889, age 29 years, 9 mo. 15 days. (born at sea between England and Australia)

Marion Wallace Case, Died July 27, 1888, Age 12 years, 11 mo. 4 days.

Marion Case died Jan. 21 1919 age 64 years, 4 mo., 11 days born San Bernardino, Calif. 1853

Minnie Elizabeth Case Bentley Castelhun, died April 4, 1936. born San Bernardino, CA Oct 4, 1879.

Arthur N. L. Case died May 10, 1937. born 1883 San Bernardino.

Lillie Roene Case Duncan died July 71, 1950. born San Bernardino Oct 17, 1877

Byron Case died 1964, Masonic Home, Union City, Calif.

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