Washington School, Perry Township,
Clay County, Indiana, 1893

"BACKWARD, TURN BACKWARD, OH! TIME IN THY FLIGHT --- All of these Brazil and Clay county citizens were classmates in 1893 at Washington School, Perry township, Clay county. Top row, left to right: Lloyd Rector, Albert Turner, George Rector, Otto Rector, Emery Turner, Fred Rector, Berlin Green, Clara Donham, Eliza Starper. Second row: Robert O. Rector, William Donham, George H. Rector, Forest Miller, John Robertson, Frank Rector, Otto Holmes, Ross Nees, Fred Green, Myrtle Jeffers, Rilla Nees. Third Row: Bertha Holmes, Mollie Rector, Della Rector, Flora Nees, Mabel Donham, Alice Harper, teacher; Sarah Donham, Rosie Rexroad, Jane Stalcup, Angeline Jeffers, Nora Rector. Fourth row: Lulu Modesitt, Nora Modesitt, Lena Rexroad, Minnie Millman, Edith Jeffers, Elsie Jeffers, Beulah Donham, Lizzie Sieglin, Iva Turner, Pearl Jeffers, Grace Harper. Fifth row: Harry Modesitt, Harry Donham, Louis Nees, Ivalu Harper, Angus Jeffers, Clara Sieglin, Orville Jeffers, Otis Jeffers, Herbert Green, Alva Donham, Harry Rector. Sixth row: Thomas Rector, Hubert Jeffers, Elizabeth Jeffers, Iola Harper, Otto Green, Clarence Jeffers, Melvin Donham, Otis Nees, Leroy Turner, Leroy Harper, Melvin Jeffers, Curtis Nees."

1)	Donham, Alva		23)	Jeffers, Edith		45)	Rector, Fred
2)	Donham, Beulah		24)	Jeffers, Elizabeth	46)	Rector, George
3)	Donham, Clara		25)	Jeffers, Elsie		47)	Rector, George H.
4)	Donham, Harry		26)	Jeffers, Hubert		48)	Rector, Harry
5)	Donham, Mabel		27)	Jeffers, Melvin		49)	Rector, Lloyd
6)	Donham, Melvin		28)	Jeffers, Myrtle		50)	Rector, Mollie
7)	Donham, Sarah		29)	Jeffers, Orville	51)	Rector, Nora
8)	Donham, William		30)	Jeffers, Otis		52)	Rector, Otto
9)	Green, Berlin		31)	Jeffers, Pearl		53)	Rector, Robert O.
10)	Green, Fred		32)	Miller, Forest		54)	Rector, Thomas
11)	Green, Herbert		33)	Millman, Minnie		55)	Rexroad, Lena
12)	Green, Otto		34)	Modesitt, Harry		56)	Rexroad, Rosie
13)	Harper, Alice		35)	Modesitt, Lulu		57)	Robertson, John
14)	Harper, Grace		36)	Modesitt, Nora		58)	Sieglin, Clara
15)	Harper, Iola		37)	Nees, Curtis		59)	Sieglin, Lizzie
16)	Harper, Ivalu		38)	Nees, Flora		60)	Stalcup, Jane
17)	Harper, Leroy		39)	Nees, Louis		61)	Starper, Eliza
18)	Holmes, Bertha		40)	Nees, Otis		62)	Turner, Albert
19)	Holmes, Otto		41)	Nees, Rilla		63)	Turner, Emery
20)	Jeffers, Angeline	42)	Nees, Ross		64)	Turner, Iva
21)	Jeffers, Angus		43)	Rector, Della		65)	Turner, Leroy
22)	Jeffers, Clarence	44)	Rector, Frank
Melvin DONHAM is my great-grandfather. Almost all of the other people listed were relatives of his, though I am still verifying who is who. Contact me if you can help.

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